The result of a spiritual quest

My spiritual quest began in 1983. There were times that I was in desperate straits but I always had hope. I hoped that it was possible to have a deep connection to the divine. I hoped that it was possible to obtain answers to my spiritual and existential questions. I hoped to find how I fit in with the universe. My quest has been fulfilled. I want to encourage you to take those steps yourself, to find your place of truth and the peace that brings.

When I share the words the universe brings me I do not hold back. I do not filter the words and make them acceptable to the ears of society. I share what you need to hear in that moment. Sometimes I say things that are completely new to you. Other times I say what you already knew but disbelieved. Hearing your own wisdom from a complete stranger tends to give you permission to do what you need to do.

My tarot readings provide insight but also give you something to do. All the insight in the world does not mean a thing if it cannot be applied. I help you do that. My soul readings reveal your true nature. This often explains why you do the things you do and the lessons you are supposed to learn. My soul readings reveal who you really are. That brings a sense of solidarity in a disconnected world. My reiki services help clear energetic blockages in your body leaving you feel refreshed and unburdened.

Simply put my services help you to become the person you want and need to be. They open a pathway to peace and connection to the divine. I want you to feel the peace and love that I now get to experience every day.